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This publication offers a finished, contrastive account of the phonological constructions and features of Icelandic and Faroese. it really is written for Nordic linguists and theoretical phonologists drawn to what the languages demonstrate approximately phonological constitution and phonological swap and the relation among morphology, phonology, and phonetics. The booklet is split into 5 elements. within the first Professor Arnason presents the theoretical and old context of his research. Icelandic and Faroese originate from the West-Scandinavian or Norse spoken in Norway, Iceland and a part of the Scottish Isles on the finish of the Viking Age. the fashionable spoken languages are slightly intelligible to one another and, regardless of many universal phonological features, convey changes that bring up questions about their historic and structural relation and approximately phonological swap extra regularly. Separate components are dedicated to synchronic research of the sounds of the languages, their phonological oppositions, syllabic constitution and phonotactics, lexical morphophonemics, rhythmic constitution, intonation and postlexical edition. The ebook attracts at the author's and others' released paintings and offers the result of unique learn in Faroese and Icelandic phonology.

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But there are instances of diphthongs which have come about by means other than fission in (long) vowels. PL’. ). The most plausible phonetic account of this seems to be to assume an epenthesis, so that a high element (I or U) was inserted between the vowel and the following velar or palatal nasal. Another instance of epenthesis of this sort, creating a short diphthong, is to be found in words like skald ‘poet’, which has the modern reflex sk ald [skault] with a diphthong. It is perhaps not clear how to interpret the prosody in these cases.

Sg. 11 But there is an obvious tension between the diphthongal trend and the shortening trend. In many instances (potential) short diphthongs are realized as monophthongs in the modern languages, particularly in Faroese. This is the case in forms like keypti opti [ɹœhpti] ‘shouted’, and f ult [fYlt] ‘foul-NEUT’ corresponding [ʧehpti] ‘bought’, r opa˚ [rouːpa] ‘to shout’, and f ulur to long diphthongs in keypa [ʧheiːpa] ‘to buy’, r [fuuːlʊɹ] ‘foul-MASC’. Other instances of morphophonemic alternation between atsmaður diphthongs and monophthongs are seen in b atur [pɔɑː(h)tʊɹ] ‘boat’ vs b h [pɔ tsmeavʊɹ] ‘boatsman, shipmate’ and spakur [spea(h)kʊɹ] ‘calm’ vs spakt [spahkt] ‘calm-NEUT’.

18) oynni [ɔitni] ‘the island-DAT’, seinni [saitni] ‘later’ terna [thetna] ‘tern’ fjallið [fjatli] ‘the mountain’, kalla [khatla] ‘to call’, valla (

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