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By D.E. Levy

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Lately C-glycoside chemistry has been one of many major subject matters in carbohydrate chemistry, not just end result of the artificial demanding situations posed, but in addition simply because C-glycosides have the aptitude to function carbohydrate analogues immune to metabolic approaches. for this reason, this classification of compounds is at the moment receiving a lot curiosity as a possible resource of healing brokers for medical use. This e-book presents a large insurance of a number of the artificial tools to be had for the guidance of C-glycosides, and illustrates the fascinating breadth of connections among carbohydrate chemistry and smooth common artificial natural chemistry by way of together with themes reminiscent of transition-metal catalysis, radical chemistry, cycloaddition and rearrangement approaches. moreover, within the ultimate bankruptcy of the publication, the syntheses of C-di and trisaccharides suggested via 1994 are reviewed. This good organised account of the bogus chemistry during this box will end up to be very invaluable to quite a lot of researchers and complex scholars, either as an creation to the subject and for reference.

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