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By Graham Leah

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Make a note of the appropriate line which accesses the second part of the program for example, CHAIN"name". Bear in mind the fact that this first program could call up several different programs, so check all lines to ensure that you have identified all of the CHAIN"name" lines and names. 2. This first part can now be saved to the storage system. ) 3. If the noted line was CHAIN"name" then you may now LOAD"name" as normal and proceed to SAVE it under the same name that is, the name that is CHAINed from the first program part.

25 LOADING FROM DISC Programs can be readily identified on tape as they follow each other in sequence and a simple command LOAD"" can be used. The machine will then load each program in turn as they are played by the tape. The disc-based name to load program name" system requires a specific programs, that is, LOAD" To check on the programs stored on a disc, follow this procedure: l. *CAT the disc to see programs stored. the names of the 2. The names of all the programs on the disc are displayed.

CONTROL 0) Disables page mode. LIST 280 This will only. list LIST 280,450 This will list all 450. the BASIC line number 280 lines between 280 and LIST ,450 This will list all lines from the beginning to line 450. LIST 450, This lists all lines from 450 to the end. LIS TO This command which may be used in conjunction with any of the previous LIST commands is followed by a single digit, and causes spaces to be inserted into the listing to make it more readable. The command takes effect from the next LIST instruction.

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