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DEVELOPMENT UNIT 1 (B079/B082) Index No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Part No. B082 3010 5206 2686 A232 3150 B082 3100 B082 3121 B082 3122 AB01 1386 AB01 1446 AA14 3219 A232 3155 AB01 4061 A232 3077 AB01 4060 AA08 0234 AB01 4062 G065 3066 AA15 3054 AA15 3095 AA15 3053 AA01 2102 G065 3067 A232 3069 B004 3078 B082 3123 A232 3067 B082 3065 A232 3068 B004 3062 G012 3897 AA15 3443 Description Development Unit:Ass'y Snap Ring Entrance Seal Ass'y Development Sleeve:Ass'y Shield:Development Sleeve:Front:C3 Shield:Development Sleeve:Rear:C3 Development Sleeve Gear Gear - 29Z Stepped Screw Front Cover - Development Unit Gear - 13Z Spacer - M5 Gear - 21Z Bushing - 12x18x6 Gear - 17Z/25Z Entrance Shield - Toner Supply Sponge - 17x7x5 Shield - Development - Center Sponge - 317x5x5 Development Filter Coupling Shield Rear Bias Terminal - Development Joint - Paddle Shield:Case:Development:Front Rear:C3 Tape - TD Sensor Density Sensor:Development Front Bias Terminal - Development Ground Plate- Doctor Blade Film - Toner End Sensor Harnes Mylar -development Unit-right Q’ty Per Assembly Index No.

AG05 0085 AB01 3485 AA08 2080 AB01 4051 AA08 0229 AA06 2304 A232 2578 AA06 6577 B077 3985 AA14 9291 B077 2596 5206 2686 B082 2575 AA00 1393 B082 2614 B082 2611 B077 2583 B077 2594 AW01 0048 B082 5420 B082 2574 AA06 2305 AF02 1059 AF02 0410 A232 1074 B082 1073 AA15 3442 B082 2603 B082 2602 B004 2310 B082 2403 A232 2366 A232 2367 A232 1284 AD02 1127 Description Registration Roller Knob Gear - 20Z Bushing - M8 Gear - 16Z Front Bushing - M6 Pressure Spring Stopper - Guide Plate Torsion Spring Link:Cover:Ass'y Pin - Link Link:Guide Plate:Open And Close Snap Ring Grip:Guide Plate Decal - A2 Bracket:Registration Roller Case:Registration Roller:Ass'y Guide Plate:Entrance:Lower:Adhesion Bracket:Registration Sensor Photosensor - GP2A28N1 Harness:Registration Sensor Guide Plate:Entrance:Upper:Peen Tension Spring Driven Registration Roller Registration Roller Guide - Transfer Entrance Stay:Drum:Lower Shield - Stay - PCU Cleaner:Registration Roller:Ass'y Case:Cleaner:Registration Roller Spur Supporter:PCU Holder - ID Sensor ID Sensor Spring Holder Receptacle Q’ty Per Assembly Index No.

B077 4720 B082 4852 AF02 0511 B004 4645 5447 2681 B077 4730 B077 4810 B077 4793 A232 4653 AA08 0034 B077 4711 B004 4851 A232 4647 AF02 5036 AA06 0709 AA06 3303 AF02 0512 B077 4701 A680 1181 B077 4716 B082 4853 AA06 0839 AA08 0307 B004 5843 B004 5842 Description Inner Cover:Duplex Unit:Front Decal:Duplex Reverse Roller - Driven Guide Plate - Middle Snap Ring Inner Cover:Duplex Unit:Rear Cover:Harness:Duplex Bracket:Link:Machine Or Copier:Ass'y Pressure Plate - Guide Plate Bushing - 4x5x7 Cover:Duplex Unit:Right Decal - Jam Removal Driven Guide Plate Duplex Junction Gate Tension Spring Pressure Spring Driven Roller - Duplex Cover:Duplex Unit Magnetic Catch Guide Plate:Right Decal:Duplex Unit:Upper Pressure Spring - Driven Bushing - M4 Shoulder Screw Gasket - Duplex Unit Q’ty Per Assembly Index No.

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