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By Gabriele D'Annunzio

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Tullio Hermil, a prosperous Italian aristocrat, is uninterested in his spouse Giuliana and reveals his mistresses extra intriguing until eventually he learns his spouse is having an affair which rekindles his passion for her.The drama unfolds with tragic effects because the characters pass approximately their enterprise with seeming splendor and discretion. D'Annunzio captures the decadent aristocatic global of fin-de-siecle Italy completely. L'Innocente, filmed in 1976, is one in all Luchino Visconti's most interesting motion pictures, entire presently ahead of he died.

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Tullio Hermil, a prosperous Italian aristocrat, is uninterested in his spouse Giuliana and unearths his mistresses extra intriguing till he learns his spouse is having an affair which rekindles his passion for her. The drama unfolds with tragic effects because the characters cross approximately their enterprise with seeming beauty and reticence.

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