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This special booklet applies a scientific method of clarify the position of surgical procedure in treating early life ailments. through the booklet key topic parts are supported via case vignettes in addition to prime quality photos and illustrations.

Building at the winning type of earlier variations, this 6th variation of Jones’ scientific Paediatric Surgery is considerably revised exploring basic issues such as:

  • Neonatal Emergencies
  • Head and Neck
  • Abdomen
  • Abdominal Mass
  • Urinary Tract
  • Trauma
  • Orthopaedics
  • Chest
  • Skin/Soft Tissues

Jones’ medical Paediatric Surgery presents paediatricians and surgeons with an easy and transparent rationalization of the surgical concepts to be had for the care of the paediatric patient.Content:
Chapter 1 Antenatal prognosis – Surgical points (pages 1–6):
Chapter 2 The Care and delivery of the child (pages 7–12):
Chapter three the kid in health facility (pages 13–16):
Chapter four breathing misery within the infant (pages 17–25):
Chapter five Diaphragmatic Hernia (pages 26–29):
Chapter 6 Oesophageal Atresia and Tracheo?Oesophageal Fistula (pages 30–34):
Chapter 7 Bowel Obstruction (pages 35–43):
Chapter eight belly Wall Defects (pages 44–48):
Chapter nine Spina Bifida (pages 49–55):
Chapter 10 problems of Sexual improvement (pages 56–60):
Chapter eleven Anorectal Anomalies (pages 61–65):
Chapter 12 The Scalp, cranium and mind (pages 67–78):
Chapter thirteen the attention (pages 79–90):
Chapter 14 The Ear, nostril and Throat (pages 91–96):
Chapter 15 Cleft Lip, Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies (pages 97–105):
Chapter sixteen Abnormalities of the Neck and Face (pages 106–113):
Chapter 17 The Umbilicus (pages 115–120):
Chapter 18 Vomiting within the First Months of lifestyles (pages 121–125):
Chapter 19 Intussusception (pages 126–129):
Chapter 20 belly ache: Appendicitis? (pages 130–135):
Chapter 21 Recurrent belly discomfort (pages 136–138):
Chapter 22 Constipation (pages 139–141):
Chapter 23 Bleeding from the Alimentary Canal (pages 142–146):
Chapter 24 Inflammatory Bowel ailment (pages 147–152):
Chapter 25 the kid with an stomach Mass (pages 153–156):
Chapter 26 Spleen, Pancreas and Biliary Tract (pages 157–161):
Chapter 27 Anus, Perineum and feminine Genitalia (pages 162–167):
Chapter 28 Undescended Testes and Varicocele (pages 168–171):
Chapter 29 Inguinal zone and Acute Scrotum (pages 172–178):
Chapter 30 The Penis (pages 179–183):
Chapter 31 Urinary Tract an infection (pages 185–192):
Chapter 32 Vesico?Ureteric Reflux (pages 193–197):
Chapter 33 Urinary Tract Dilatation (pages 198–204):
Chapter 34 the kid with Wetting (pages 205–210):
Chapter 35 the kid with Haematuria (pages 211–213):
Chapter 36 Trauma in adolescence (pages 215–223):
Chapter 37 Head accidents (pages 224–230):
Chapter 38 belly and Thoracic accidents (pages 231–235):
Chapter 39 overseas our bodies (pages 236–240):
Chapter forty The Ingestion of Corrosives (pages 241–242):
Chapter forty-one Burns (pages 243–246):
Chapter forty two Neonatal Orthopaedics (pages 247–253):
Chapter forty three Orthopaedics within the little one and little one (pages 254–258):
Chapter forty four Orthopaedics within the baby (pages 259–265):
Chapter forty five Orthopaedics within the teen (pages 266–270):
Chapter forty six The Hand (pages 271–274):
Chapter forty seven The Breast (pages 275–278):
Chapter forty eight Chest Wall Deformities (pages 279–282):
Chapter forty nine Lungs, Pleura and Mediastinum (pages 283–289):
Chapter 50 Vascular and Pigmented Naevi (pages 291–297):
Chapter fifty one tender Tissue Lumps (pages 298–300):
Chapter fifty two solutions to Case Questions (pages 301–310):

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