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By Johannes G. Vos

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Describes the supramolecular homes of molecular assemblies that include a pretty good part, providing an built-in method of dimension and addressibility.* bargains an built-in method of size and addressibility.* positive factors case reports describing the main units constructed utilizing this technology.* The clients for the way forward for interfacial supramolecular assemblies are thought of.

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A redox couple with a large k0 will establish the equilibrium concentrations given by the Nernst equation on a short timescale. Kinetically facile systems of this type require high-speed electrochemical techniques to successfully probe the electrode dynamics. e. there are no coupled chemical kinetics or significant structural differences between the oxidized and reduced forms. The empirical Butler–Volmer formulation of electrode kinetics provides an experimentally accessible theoretical description of the kinetics of these systems.

39)) to occur, the oxidation potential of the dye excited state (A+ /A∗ ) must be more negative than the conduction band potential of the semiconductor. 40)) requires the excited-state reduction potential of the sensitizer (A∗ /A− ) to be more positive than the valence band potential. After photoinduced electron injection, the strong interfacial electric field at the semiconductor solid–liquid junction draws the injected electron (or hole) into the semiconductor and towards the electrical contact.

In general, such processes will be competitive with luminescence and are typically detected by reduced luminescence in the luminophore unit in A–L–B. 13 presents a simple energy diagram for photoinduced electron and energy transfer in the dyad, A∗ –L–B. The initial event is photoexcitation, which for the sake of this example is taken to occur at the electron or energy donor site, A. Photoexcitation provides the driving force for electron or energy transfer, which is not possible in the ground state.

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