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Sequence ahead -- Preface -- 1. advent and review -- 2. Passive -- three. Affectee arguments -- four. Grammatical functionality altering morphology -- five. Derived nominals -- 6. end -- Appendix A. A compositional semantics for argument heads -- Appendix B. First software of merge -- Notes -- References -- Index.

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F. (10) a. b. c. d. e. f. The books were given to me by myself. Mary was shown Johni by himselfi . The books were thrown at the meni by themselvesi . The package was received from Maryi by herselfi . Mary was hit with Supermani by himselfi . A present was bought for Maryi by herselfi . The books were given to myself by mei . *Mary was shown himselfi by Johni . The books were thrown at themselvesi by the meni . The package was received from herselfi by Maryi . *Mary was hit with himselfi by Supermani .

Daß pro getanzt worden ist b. Ic. . 16 Example (34a) would thus be derived as follows: (43) [CP es wurde [TP proexpl hwurdei-T [PrP h proi [VoiP h proi f ƒƒ ƒ! ƒ f nom Case: nom p hwurdei-Voi [AgP [PP von uns/PROarb ] htanz-i-Ag[h tanz-i]]] getanzt-Voi] hwurdei-Pr]]] Notice that the Agree relation between T and the null expletive pronoun operates here exactly as it does in any passive sentence. Hence it is unnec- Passive 47 essary to stipulate, as it is Jaeggli’s theory, that intransitive verbs assign Case to -EN under government.

Here, the root throw has the a-selection features [Ag], [Th], and [A¤ ]. The light verb [v,A¤ ] has the c-selection feature [ toP ], while [v,Th] and [v,Ag] both c-select D with an unvalued Case feature: 18 Chapter 1 (26) The derivation proceeds as follows. First, the argument category Ag merges with the root throw, followed by adjunction of (an occurrence of ) throw to Ag and checking and deletion of the a-selection feature [Ag]. 20 Next, Th merges with AgP, followed by raising of the Ag head to Th and Merge of the DP the ball with Th 0 , satisfying the c-selection feature of Th.

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